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So much has been happening since Paddock Paradise was first published in 2006! And still so much work to do and people to reach! My only defense for any negligence is the many time consuming responsibilities I’ve incurred as the voluntary Executive Director of the AANHCP (Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices at www.aanhcp.net).
“First, an update…. I dare guess that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of “paddock paradises” around the world. No one knows for sure. Not even me! Many horse owners are still discovering this book, so I imagine we will see more and more. Many of you have requested some sort of “support” network so that you can share ideas with each other. PP is an experiment in natural boarding for horses, and so facilitating a way that people care share their successes (and failures) seems logical and obvious. Along this line, we have created a Paddock Paradise page on “Facebook” so that there is a place for an exchange of these ideas. Click HERE to connect.
Paddock Paradise is now available in German, Danish and Spanish as well.

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“I also have a “Paddock Paradise Workbook” in the pipeline. These will be supplements to my book — sort of like “lab manuals.” Soon, I will be asking for you to contribute diagrams, photos and information on successful paddock paradises you’ve created in order to start get the first workbook published. If these individuals really wanted to “get into it”, they could also host future clinics at their properties to give more “hands on” experience for others.

“We are still considering a training program for Paddock Paradise (or “Natural Boarding”) Consultants. This is an idea we’ve been toying with for some time in the AANHCP. Basically, the AANHCP would offer a training program for Certified NB Consultants, drawing upon annual PP Symposiums, the PP Workbooks, and certain “non-trimming” training modules of the AANHCP Natural Hoof Care Practitioner Training & Certification Program. These CNB Consultants would be promoted on the AANHCP Practitioner Locator List (public website), thereby giving the consultants national and international exposure. CNB Consultants would work cooperatively with AANHCP practitioners — currently a void of job opportunity the AANHCP leadership would like to see shored up.

“So, there you have my ideas. Perhaps you would like to share some of yours with me too. You can email us at: info@paddockparadise.com.

“And let us not forget the reason for doing this. Countless horses are imprisoned in close confinement. Many live in dark stalls 24 hours a day, seven days a week — only removed once a day for an hour ride. This is inhumane, yet it is “standard fare” in supposedly “professional, upscale barns” and boarding facilities all around the world. As animals of prey, horses are biologically designed by nature to move constantly. Close confinement is tantamount to a human wearing a straight-jacket, and then lowered into a coffin that is nailed shut from the neck down. Weaving, cribbing and self-mutilation are signs of horses living in stalls and/or small paddocks and going crazy. You would too. Just as inhumane are “ big green pastures”, where horses can stand in one place all day, gorging their intestinal tracts with sweet, sugary grasses, which send many more horses to slaughter as the victims of laminitis. Paddock Paradise provides “a way out”, a gateway to a better, more natural, humane lifeway.

“We can change things.”